Neck Lift Surgery

Neck Lift – As we age, our skin loses its vitality and starts to sag. We all are keen to notice even the slightest of sags or wrinkles in our face, quickly treating it with at-home techniques or clinical procedures. But, one region many tend to neglect or forget about, is the neck. Just like the skin on our faces, our necks can also lose their shine and begin to sag. 

Neck Lift is the ideal treatment to help reverse the signs of aging on the neck and jawline. The process entails tightening the excess skin around the area and removing the excess fats, which helps strengthen the neck muscles. A neck lift can help provide better tones and texture for the region and give way to a sculpted, well-defined neck contour. 

As we get older, fat accumulates below the chin, along with an excess of skin and wrinkles, commonly known as “double chin”.  This can be temporarily relieved by the injection of basic fillers to lift the sagging muscle and skin to make the neck wrinkles less obvious. But, if the accumulation is more complex, a neck lift can be utilized, done by creating incision behind the ears, removing the excess skin/fat and tightening the freed skin. An alternative to a neck lift can be a liposuction, wherein the excess skin is removed through a small incision below the chin.

Neck lift provide the patient with various benefits including:

  • Removal of excess fat or skin from the neck
  • Removal of lines and folds around your neck
  • Elimination of double chin
  • Smoother-looking neck and jawline
  • Tightening of the appearance of your neck
  • A more defined jawline 

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