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Laser Skin Treatment in Singapore

Laser Skin Treatment – Laser Treatment has been coming up in recent times for its surgical as well as aesthetic uses. There are a variety of laser treatments available today, each using a special laser designed to target a specific issue or problem both inside and outside the body. 

Laser Treatments are most commonly used for the following reasons:

  1. Removal of pigmentation – Melasma is a condition that affects more than 80% of oriental females, wherein the skin starts to create brown or blue-gray patches or even freckle-like spots. Melasma is caused due to hormonal issues, and can be aggravated by exposure to the sun. A corrective measure to this is the use of pigment lasers like Revlite, that can help reverse the effects of Melasma in a few sessions. 
  2. Facial Cleansing – Lasers like Revlite can also be used for rejuvenating the facial skin by removing the blackheads, making the facial skin pores smaller, tightening the skin, and giving the facial skin a healthy look. It can also be used to remove fine hairs and tattoos which would require a few sessions.
  3. Removal of scars, moles and other lesions – A commonly used laser, the Carbon Dioxide Fractional Laser, can be used to remove uneven scars caused due to reasons like post-acne scarring. It can also be used to remove sun-damaged skin lesions like seborrheic keratosis, solar keratosis, sebaceous growth, and other facial lesions like syringoma, sebaceous hyperplasia, trichoepithelioma, etc. Lasers can also be used to remove and extract very small moles, with a downtime of about 5 or more days. 

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