Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast Lift /Mastopexy – The Surgical Procedure for Correction of Droopy Breast.

Breast Lift Surgery – Breasts tend to sag over time for various reasons – pregnancy and breastfeeding, extreme weight loss, ageing, smoking, etc. As the skin begins to lose its elasticity, it leads to the breasts losing their overall shape, resulting is progressive sagging. This could also distort the nipple region, making it droop downwards. 

A corrective measure for this, is a Breast Lift Surgery, also known as a Mastopexy. This procedure helps correct sagging or asymmetric breasts, loss of shape and volume, and/or stretched and drooping areolae. A Breast Lift can help you regain the beauty of your breasts while giving you an attractive and youthful appearance. It can also help reduce the size of the areola, add volume and firmness to the breasts as well as enhance the size and structure of the breasts. 

The various benefits to getting a Breast Lift Surgery include:

  • Improved Breast Shape – Aging can result in various changes to breasts, including sagging, drooping contours, and noticeable misshapen breasts. Breast Lift Surgery can help correct the shape irregularities and improve the appearance of the breasts.
  • Increased Firmness of Breasts – Breast Lift Surgery can greatly improve the texture of breasts, giving way to voluptuous breasts that are more firm and better shaped. This can be achieved by removing excess skin, correcting the sagging portions, and folding the breast tissues.
  • Breast Projections – A common side effect when it comes to sagging breasts, is the repositioning of nipples and breast projections, which tend to point downwards. Breast Lift Surgery can help elevate the nipple and redistribute the breast tissue to restore its youthful shape and position.

Depending on the severity and degree of drooping, Breast Lift Surgery can be altered to suit the patient’s needs and yield the best results. For mild cases of ptosis, a simple breast augmentation could help correct the droop. In some cases, autologous fat can be utilized to prop up the breast, along with an upward advancement of the upper nipple-areolar complex. This could also greatly improve the appearance of the region. 

For slightly more complex scenarios, a more intricate procedure is required. This is will involve shifting the nipple-areolar complex upwards and tightening the residual tissues surrounding it. Having this procedure done can surely improve the shape and contour of the breasts, with the only side effect being the resultant surgical scars. It is always recommended to opt for other methods before settling for this one, due to its complex nature and resultant scarring. 

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