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Breast Reconstruction Surgery

With Breast Reconstruction Surgery – Regain your Self-Confidence and emotional Well-Being.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery is an important part of the healing process after streaked by the sense of loss after mastectomy for breast cancer. Undergoing Breast Reconstruction surgery can be a big decision after surviving breast cancer. At Yeap Plastic & Reconstructive Clinic we are committed to providing highly personalized care and help you regain your self-confidence and ease your recovery.

Consider Breast Reconstruction Surgery to –

Regain Self-Esteem – Primary objective of Breast Reconstruction surgery is to provide women more confidence about their body after mastectomy and losing one or both the breasts.

Restore Femineity – For women who have survived Breast Cancer, Breast Reconstruction Surgery can be a life-changing experience it can restore their feminine figure.

Enhance Breast Aesthetics – Breast Reconstruction Surgery can fade away the unhappiness and trauma women had gone through after mastectomy. Breast Reconstruction Surgery can help get natural-looking Breasts.

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr. Yeap believes that every patient is unique and takes the necessary time to evaluate and customize individualized plans considering every factor and helping in your breast reconstruction procedure.

The current trend for Breast Reconstruction is towards less aggressive surgery like skin and nipple-sparing conservation. Therefore, the reconstruction can be less complex and major. Appropriate implants can be used to augment the parts of the breast tissues removed. Autologous fat can also be used to fill up the resultant defects from lumpectomy or excision of the diseased part of the breast. This will not maim the other parts of the body where the tissues are taken for the complex reconstruction.

More complex reconstructions involve shifting of the Latissimus dorsi muscle with or without skin and soft tissues from the back to be transferred to the chest to reconstruct the removed breast. It can be combined with an implant if the other breast is large. The tummy can be used by mobilizing the TRAM flap to reconstruct the breast.

Other reconstructive procedures can involve more sophisticated microvascular transfer but will be over many hours of operation.


Breast Reconstruction Surgery