Face Filler

Face Filler - Facial Fillers to Rejuvenate Face

It is important to boost ones’ self-confidence if one can look younger than the real age for a long time. However, sadly the ageing process will continue and is an unstoppable process. Some unfortunate ones will age faster than others.

The other influencers are declining hormones, exposure to the sun and smoking which will hasten the deterioration of the facial and body skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will form and the skin will start to look and feel fragile and less elastic. This is due to the decline of the natural hyaluronic acid contents in our skin. In addition, the sebaceous glands decrease in its activities and the skin will become drier. The subcutaneous fat also decreases and the skin will look less plump and smooth. Eventually, the skin will lose its youthful appearance.

We can use the appropriate filler to prop up the defects to make it appear fuller and more youthful and smooth.

There are different compositions for the different portion of the facial skin contours. This is useful for the tear through, below the eyes, the deep frown lines, the nasolabial folds, the marionette lines and the sunken cheek contours. 

Facial fillers

  1. Fillers are well refined Hyaluronic acid which is used to prop up the depressed or sunken contour of the face and other parts of the body as well. These are temporary lasting from 6 – 12 months depending on the different types produced by a different company. A word of caution – please consider very seriously the semi-permanent or permanent fillers. Materials are added to them which cannot be destroyed or absorbed by the body. This can lead to deformity to the areas where it is injected.

  2. It can be used to enhance the contour of the nose temporarily and can be very natural.
    However, it must be done carefully to prevent any adverse reactions like an embolism.

  3. The lips and chin can be enhanced with these fillers and good natural contour profile can be achieved.

  4. There are few areas in the region of the glabella, nose and upper lips which are common to complications like embolism to end-artery damage. In the infra-orbital region (just below the eyes) the skin is very thin and a special more fluid type filler is required. This can cause bulging deformity if too much is injected and this can be very obvious. Embolism can occur.

  5. In very rare circumstances reactions to the filler can occur – this can be early or delayed.
    Some can occur almost a year later. This can be associated with varying degrees of swelling, redness, pain and itch. Fortunately, the incidence is very low.

  6. When the facial contours are well rejuvenated the appearance is certainly refreshed.