Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Surgery – A very commonly known and popular cosmetic surgery, Breast Augmentation deals with the insertion of silicone implants of fat grafts to alter the size, shape or texture of the breast. 

Breast Augmentation Surgery is done to improve the overall appearance of women’s breasts, giving you well-shaped, rounded breasts that are uniform in size and shape. This procedure can also be undertaken by those who wish to restore the lost volume of their breasts, usually after pregnancy or dramatic weight loss. 

Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery

  • Add volume to breasts
  • Improve the shape and contour of the breasts
  • Restore symmetry to uneven breasts
  • Restore fullness to breasts after pregnancy or weight loss 
  • Provide an improved cleavage
  • Give a more youthful look to breasts that have lost volume and elasticity with age
  • Improve the appearance and feel of breasts after previous breast surgery for medical reasons.

There are various types of Breast Augmentation procedures that one can undergo depending on their needs and requirements:

  1. Breast Implants – Those who wish to augment their breasts using breast implants, will have cohesive, anatomical or rounded implants, that do not leak. The implants can have a smooth or textured surface. The rounded implants can be of both types, i.e., smooth surfaced or textured, while the anatomical implants are strictly textured as smooth surfaced ones would result in displacements. These implants can generally last up to 25 years under normal circumstances.
  2. Autologous Fat Graft – The usage of fat grafts is an option for those who wish you utilize body fat to augment their breasts. The fat is harvested from the tummy, thighs, or other parts of the body and is then meticulously washed and filtered. The filtered fats are then carefully transferred to the breasts using a special cannula. This is the safest method of augmentation, but it has its drawbacks. The change in breast size would not be major as is the case when using implants, and would require more than one session to bring about a significant change. This method will also not be able to correct droopy breasts as it only provides the bulk and not the support. In rare occurrences, the transferred fats may also tend to calcify.
  3. Temporary Methods – This is a quick fix method that utilizes fillers like Macrolane or Hycorbs, which were popular names in the past when it came to enhancement of breasts. This method, due to its temporary nature, will require yearly top-ups to upkeep the size and shape of the breasts. This option, however, is hardly in use due to innovations in the medical field.

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