Double Eye Lid Surgery

Droopy Eyelid Treatment

Droopy Eyelid are common amongst individuals, resulting in an inability to open their eyes completely. This condition is known as Ptosis. Ptosis can occur in one or both eyes, due to congenital or acquired reasons. 

Congenital Ptosis can be linked to partial or complete weakness of the levator muscles that are responsible for the pulling up of eyelids. If partial, a simple treatment to tighten the muscles will do the trick and give encouraging results. However, if the muscles are completely weak, a more complex procedure is undertaken wherein a tendon is attached from the eyelid to the forehead that will help lift up the lids. The tendon involved is usually taken from the patient themselves. 

Acquired Ptosis usually happens with age and/or nerve injuries. The most common reason, ageing, can cause a progressive weakening of the levator muscles, resulting in both droopy eyelids as well as forehead skin. Also known as Blepharoptosis, this condition can lead to difficulties in vision and irritation of the eyes, if left untreated. The corrective treatment for this would include the tightening of the muscles and removal of excess upper eyelid skin to further strengthen the muscle pull. 

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