Facelift Surgery

As one matures in age it is often noticeable that the facial features and contours start to change. The facial skin becomes thin and wrinkled and droops downwards. It then forms into a heaped up lump known as the “jowls” at the lower part of the face. This will become larger with time. The years of neglected personal care, prolonged and sustained work, personal or family stresses will exert the unwanted adverse effects on our skin and facial contours. The once beautiful and alert sparkling eyes start to become dropping, tired looking and old. Initial relief can be temporary using medicine to reduce the wrinkles and tightening the skin. Fillers can also be temporarily used to fill up the defects and depressions. When all these fail the face lift procedure tightens both the skin and under-lying muscle to restore the mid and lower face. This can be combined with a brow lift and neck lift for a ‘total makeover’.