Eye Bag Surgery

It is a very common for both male and female that as they grow older they will start to notice that the lower eyelids start to protrude progressively and develop into prominent “eyebags”. When this happen they will become a permanent disturbing feature. This can also occur earlier if one uses computer over long hours without resting the eyes in between. It may come on early when one is very stressed physically and emotionally lacking sleep. It can be genetically transmitted when the patient manifests this feature prematurely. When this developed one will notice that you have “aged”, looking tired and lethargic. This is very disturbing and discouraging and not good for those facing the public or performing important PR job. There is help – we can perform a lower blepharoplasty to remove the fat and also to tighten the skin. In the younger patient sometimes just removing the fat will make significant difference. Later in life wrinkles would often develop in the lower eyelids. The satisfactory result will help one to look much younger and hence bring back the self-confidence once again. This surgery is often performed under local anaesthesia in the clinic.