Eye Bag Removal Surgery

Eye Bag Removal Surgery

Eye Bag Removal Surgery – Everyone is familiar with the term “eye bags”. Everyone around us has it, including ourselves. Eye bags can form due to a myriad of reasons, and can affect anyone and everyone. 

The most common reason for eye bag formation is of course, ageing. As we grow older, our lower eyelids begin to protrude progressively, forming permanent “bags” under our eyes. Another common reason, prevalent amongst many nowadays, is the usage of computers and other digital screens for prolonged hours without rests in between. Paired with physical and mental stress as well as lack of sleep, it would be a miracle if eye bags don’t form! Another reason for the formation of eye bags, is genetic transmission. Some people inherit this feature, leading to premature eye bag creation on their eyes. 

Nobody likes eye bag formation, as it creates an illusion of having aged, and makes you look tired and lethargic. This becomes displeasing to us, and is especially not a good feature to have for those facing the public/audience. 

We, at Yeap Plastic Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, offer Eye Bag Removal Surgery, or Blepharoplasty, that helps remove the fat underneath the eye and tighten the skin in that region. Performed under local anesthetic, this treatment can yield satisfactory results and bring back your self-confidence. For younger patients, a simpler treatment can be administered, wherein only the fats are removed, which surprisingly yields a significant change. 

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