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What is new in the Near Future?

The pace of development in the aesthetic field is amazing and broad based. Some are useful but not approved for common uses while others are still in the conceptional and infancy stages. Only those that stand the test of time will be finally co-opted for wide based usage.

Some of these are as follow:

  1. Stem cells potentials – universal experiments as well as clinical applications of stem cell from our own tissues as well as from other animal sources have been used with excellent reported successes. However still restrictions are placed to regulate such applications in acceptable usage in common procedures. Tissues and blood has been used to provide for stem cell to heal or rejuvenate the body. It has been used for anti-ageing in aesthetic enhancement.
  2. Autologous fat cell has been widely used for many purposes. It had been used for filling up depressed scars with good results. It has been used for helping chronic leg ulcers to heal. It has been used to improve the quality of heavily irradiated skin after mastectomy or other areas where radiotherapy had been given. The fat contains good stem cells potentials.
  3.  Autologous fat has been used to help in augmenting breast with partial mastectomy done with good results.
  4. Allografts has been increasingly used for repair, replacement, reconstruction or augmentation of soft tissue with good results. This acts as good substitutes for body parts for reconstructive surgeries.
  5. Robotic surgeries have been experimented and used for plastic surgery but it is in the infancy stage. It may become another additional tool for future surgery.