Laser Skin Treatment

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Laser Skin Treatment

There is increasing use of lasers for Skin treatment for aesthetic purposes as well as surgical treatment. Different lasers are programmed for different conditions and uses.

The lasers commonly used are as follows:

  1. Removal of pigmentation – in females mainly melasma which will affect about 80 or more percent of Oriental females. Exposure to the sun will precipitate and aggravate this pigmentation. This condition is hormonally related and can be very distressing. The once perfect facial skin is now tinted with ugly pigmentation. Pigment lasers like Revlite are good for this but may require a few sessions.
  2. Revlite Laser can be used for rejuvenating the facial skin by removing the blackheads, making the facial skin pores smaller, tightening the skin, and give the facial skin good circulation and a healthy look. It can also be used to remove fine hairs and tattoos but will require a few sessions.
  3. The Carbon Dioxide Fractional Lasers can be used to improve on uneven scars like post-acne scarring. It can also be used to remove sun-damaged skin lesions like seborrhoeic keratosis, solar keratosis, sebaceous growth, and other facial lesions like syringoma, sebaceous hyperplasia, trichoepithelioma, and other skin lesions. Very small moles can be removed but not larger ones as this will leave unwanted scars. There will be a downtime of about 5 or more days.
  4.  A laser can also be used for the prevention of scars and also reducing scars when combined with other treatments.

The use of Lasers In Skin Treatments

  1.  The great advancement in lasers for medical use has increased the scope for treating conditions which in the past were sadly left untreated in their pathetic stage. Skin lesions that will require extensive and complex surgical treatment can now be treated with a wide range of specially designed lasers with little scaring. Black and red pigmentation of the skin can be improved and treated with great satisfaction using pigment laser Revlite lasers.

    Melasma – a very common condition experienced by most women after 40 years old due to hormonal changes can be treated with this laser.

  2. Other skin conditions like seborrheic or solar keratosis can be treated with the Fractional CO2 laser like the SmartXide Touch Laser which removes these lesions very efficiently. This laser can also be used to remove many other conditions like benign tumors like syringoma, trichoepithelioma, sebaceous hyperplasia, skin tags, or viral warts. This can also be used in surgery to remove skin lesions and other cosmetic procedures with minimal bleeding.
  3. Post-acne scaring can be a very embarrassing facial deformity. This condition can also be
    improved with the SmartXide Touch Laser. With repeated sessions, the undulating surface
    can be significantly improved.
  4. Other uses include the use of removal of hairs and unwanted tattoos.


Laser Skin Treatment