Brow/Forehead Lift

As one ages the pull of gravity together with increasing laxity of the skin and soft tissues will cause the upper part of the face and forehead to descend and droop. The eyebrows appear much lower and the upper eyelid skin becomes excessive and droopy causing a loss of the once beautiful natural fold. The patients will complain that it is difficult to put on makeups and in some difficulty in opening the eyes fully. In severe cases one may appear tired and sleepy. Sometimes the patient has some difficulties in vision and in more severe cases irritations of the eyes due to the eyelashes irritating the eye. These are the inevitable manifestations of ageing – some faster than others. In early mild situation careful use of approved injections to selectively weaken opposing muscle pulls may temporarily improve on this problem. When all fail one can consider the brow lift which is designed to correct the droopy skin and soft tissues. This operation will attempt to restore the soft tissues and skin to its original position. In the past the traditional forehead lift involved an incision across the forehead and the freed skin and soft tissues will be advanced upwards with removal of the excess skin so that it will be tightened. Now we use the Endoscopic Forehead or Eyebrow lift where 3 stab incisions are made within the hairline.  Using the sophisticated camera system the skin and soft tissues are carefully freed and then advanced upwards. It is anchored in the new upward position with dissolvable device called the Endotine anchoring system innovated by the Plastic Surgeons in the Stamford University, USA. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which is readily acceptable to many.  There is no shaving of the hair and the incision is minimum.