Breast Enlargement / Augmentation Mammoplasty

These are some methods of breast enlargement:-
  1. Implants – using the latest cohesive anatomical or rounded implants. These implants do not leak. The implants can be smooth or textured surface. The rounded implants can be either smooth surfaced or textured but there are only textured anatomical ones as smooth surface will displace as they move. The manufacturer of the implants claimed that they will last for about 25 years in normal circumstances.
  2. Autologous Fat Graft – this is for those who do not want anything other than their own fat (autologous fat).The fat is harvested from the tummy, thighs or other parts of the body and then meticulously washed and filtered. This is then carefully transferred to the breasts using special cannula.This is the safest method but will unfortunately not be able to increase the size of the breast significantly, probably one size up. It may require more than one session of fat graft to give a good enhancement. It will also not be able to correct droopy breasts as it provides the bulk but not the support. Sometimes the transferred fat may calcify.
  3. Temporary Methods – Fillers like Macrolane or Hycorbs were popularly in the past to enhance the size of breasts. This is temporary and will require top ups yearly. Now it has been hardly used.